Monday, March 9, 2015

SOL - Day 9 - Fashion, Fashion, Fashionista...

Day 1 of Spring Break and what do I spend my day doing? Organizing my 6-year-old daughter's room...changing clothes out from winter to spring/summer. We have been so blessed to have people in our lives that have given us hand-me-downs but now I find myself drowning in her clothes.

This little fashionista must change clothes at least 4 times day! Being the only child at home, she plays a lot of make believe...teacher, American Idol, Barbie etc. and she needs a new outfit to go with the theme each time of course. Even if we are watching a movie, she needs an outfit appropriate for that genre.

The problem is not that she changes clothes alot or loves to experiment with them, it is....what she does with the ones she is not wearing anymore. Do we think this precious little kindergardener is hanging these clothes back up? Putting them right back where they belong???? Ummmm...NO!

Then it becomes a can't do this until you clean this up kind of thing. As for me, I am constantly looking for better and easier ways to organize. Most days though, I honestly just want to bag everything up and donate it to Goodwill.

I know this is just a season in our life and she will become more responsible and yada yada yada.... but until then I think I will just put a lock on her door so she can't get to her clothes and therefore cannot change clothes and therefore there will be no mess. ;)


  1. I had three different wardrobes when I was younger. Play clothes. School clothes. And Church clothes. My mother got sick of me ruining all of my nice clothes, so I was banned from those except for school and church. Ha!

    This is ONE reason I am glad I don't have a girl. Boys are MUCH harder to shop for, I think. :)

  2. Reading this post made me think about my 12-yr-old son, who changes his clothes at least 5 times a day. If he's stressed, it might be 5 times in an hour!! I have fond memories of playing dress-up too. Wonderful that your daughter has such an imagination!