Sunday, March 15, 2015

SOL- Day 15 - Dear SOL,

Dear SOL Challenge,

I am grateful to you for so many reasons and we are only half way in. You have been on my mind and want to take this time to express my gratitude and to tell you how I feel about you.

1. I love that several of my co-workers are participating with me. Reading about their lives has given me an insight I would not have had otherwise. I am in awe of their writing styles, different from each other yet distinct. Their writing styles reflect their personalities and it has been a joy to read their blogs. Also, I have the utmost respect for them taking you on at such a busy time of the year. If it were not for you my dear challenge, I would not feel closer to these women that I work with on a daily basis and for that I am grateful.

2. You have made me more aware of my daily life. I am constantly looking for those small moments that inspire me to write. I don't always find them but because of you I do write about something anyways. You have brought personal writing back to my daily life and for that I am grateful.

3. Speaking of personal writing, I must admit that although I have written on my blog each day I have not always been giving it my all. Sometimes, it is because I haven't been inspired. Sometimes, it is because I don't have the time that day. But mostly, it is because I have been writing someplace else. Yes, challenge you have inspired me to renew my writing in my daughter's journal. You see when my daughter was born, I started a journal for her. I would write her a letter each day telling her my feelings, the story of her birth, things she did that day. As time has passed, my journal writing to her has become less frequent. You might have challenged me to write on my blog everyday but I challenged myself to write to her everyday. So far I am succeeding in both! For that dear challenge, I am grateful.

4. As I wrote about in a previous blog, I have a fear of spending money and had been sitting on my MacBook savings for going on 4 months now. Thanks to you and the need to write everyday, I finally bit the bullet. I am writing to you from my new laptop and couldn't be happier. For that, I am grateful.



  1. What a thoughtful reflection! I marvel how all of us who participate in this challenge ALWAYS gain something that enriches us both personally and professionally. Writing is powerful because we all have stories to tell. I have made some dear friends, some who even though we live miles away have met in "real" life.

  2. Great post! It's amazing what stories you can find in your own life when you take the time to look for them. And what a wonderful gift that journal will be for your daughter!

  3. Writing a journal for your daughter is wonderful! Think of the treasures you both will have in the years to come. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Writing a journal for your daughter is wonderful! Think of the treasures you both will have in the years to come. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love it! I agree that the challenge helps me notice the little things that I can use to write about more often

  6. Victoria, I loved the style of this (as a letter to SOL), as well as the honest voice. I wish I had written daily to each of my girls! Thanks for sharing this!

  7. I have a separate blog, password protected like crazy, where I post things for my children. I only share it with family and close friends. I hope they will appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the Mac! I love mine.

  8. Trinity is SO lucky that you are keeping a journal for her. I have an inscribed prayer book, from my momma, that I cherish.

    I love that we have grown as writers together!

  9. Yay new laptop! I love your idea of keeping a journal for your daughter. what a treasure that is going to be for both of you. I don't ever participate in the March daily challenge, but I am trying to participate more in the Tuesday Slice meme for just the reasons you mention. Slicing makes me much more aware of my daily life and the way it might be mined for story. My one little word for 2015 is present, and slicing reminds me to stay present. Really liked the format of this piece too. Might have to borrow it myself!