Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SOL -Day 18 - GT

My daughter is in Kindergarten this year and she is loving school. She has always loved "school" - pre-K and even before that! She has always been a fast learner, very inquisitive and an avid reader. So, we had her tested for GT. I'm new to the district and not very familiar with the testing process. Even though I have been a GT teacher in my two previous districts, my new district does some things differently. I really wasn't sure if she would qualify or not but I wanted to see. As it turns out, she does qualify and now has the label of "GT". When I found out, I was proud and excited for her because I believe she needs those services.

When I tell close friends and family, the responses have been varied and somewhat surprising to be honest. Some have said, "Well you are a teacher so of course she is." or "You have been "teaching" her since she was born. She has an advantage having a mother who is a teacher." I have also heard from family members..."GT,  is that even a real thing?" "So, she is smart. Lots of people are smart."

I guess it will be an interesting journey for all us and we will figure it out on the way!


  1. I've taught GT students too. The comments that she is GT because you're a teacher is NOT true. Your daughter is bright because of her genes and because you take each moment as a teachable moment. She will be fun to watch! :)

  2. Sounds like a teacher in the making! I hope she will enjoy the GT program.