Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SOL- Day 24 - One track mind

I'm on a one track mind this week! STAAR, STAAR, STAAR! I'm tutoring before school for STAAR, have Writing Camp going on all week, and am doing yet some more tutoring after school. I'm tired. The kids are tired. But... we can't let that interfere! Oh no! It is ON baby! Bring it on STAAR! We are ready for you...see we can make test prep fun...just look at us! But, I apologize...I feel you may have more STAAR posts in your future!  photo 0C7FAA9C-8A30-48E9-B4B8-0913B902AF85_zpsuq7gnulm.jpg

1 comment:

  1. Bring it! I love the enthusiasm here. It's inspiring! Really, can't wait to read more posts like this. Good luck!