Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SOL - Day 11 - Servant Leadership

It might be Spring Break but today I spent the day at school. Why oh why would I do that? Well, our Instructional Coach has been working hard with our 5th graders...working with them to build confidence, to turn them into lifelong readers and to show them that reading can be fun! So she wanted to surprise the 5th graders with some new inspiring decor and a graffiti wall in some fun colors.

I feel so lucky to get to work and learn from her. She inspires me with her servant leadership! There is no place I would rather be than helping her make her vision come to life!


  1. My coworkers inspire me too! We're so lucky to work in a profession has so many amazing people in it. And you're right, servant leadership is the most inspiring leadership at all!

  2. What great dedication from both you and your Instructional Coach! Those 5th graders are lucky to have you guys as their teacher, teachers who value the love of reading.

  3. Way to go!! I can hardly wait to see your wonderful graffiti work!!!