Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SOL - Day 31 - Sweet Surprise

After my horrible morning yesterday and long day of STAAR testing, I was surprised by this little message left for me by one of the students. Their teacher had her baby yesterday so I was asked to fill in and what they write was just oh too sweet!  photo 33C533C7-E3A7-46FA-A4BE-7476C75CB42D_zpshebvfylv.jpg

Monday, March 30, 2015

SOL- Day 30 - Tears & Tea

So, when I left Friday, I had my STAAR testing assignment all set. I was prepared for my small group and then Sunday night comes... around 9:30 pm my phone starts blowing up with texts and phone calls...from my AP and Principal. I was immediately alarmed when I came out of my shower to this flurry of activity. As it turns out, one of our 4th grade teachers, who is pregnant, was going into labor and would not be able to test the next day. So, I was called up. Ah! I need to the Writing Section again (I was supposed to administer the 5th grade reading!) and make notes. Of course I did not sleep well. I wanted to get to school super early to discuss and be prepared for the day. My daughter and I were up and ready by 6:40 and headed to Starbucks for a refreshing green tea to enlighten my day. When we came out of Starbucks though...my car turned on but it didn't start. So, I turned it off and tried again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. What on earth? I am starting to panic... I call my husband and he has no idea what it could be. "We need to tow it to the dealership," he says. I don't have for a two! I have to give the STAAR test this morning. No, I was just going to leave it and take care of it later. I called my assistant principal and she said she would come and get me. Meanwhile, my husband is furious that I am going to "just leave my car there." Then the tears start! Stop screaming at me! I yelled. Then, I hung up the phone with him and my daughter started to tear up as well..tick-toc-tick-toc...there goes my "preparation" time! I told her to gather her things. My AP would be here any minute to get us. Then, I said "Let me try just one more time." OMG! The car started. Needless to say, this is not the way I wanted my morning to go but it all turned out alright in the end. We had a good day today and let's just pray my car starts to go home!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

SOL- Day 29 - Leadership

This year I have moved to a new school and a new position. It is a little overwhelming to not know a single person but I have always been an extrovert...so I wasn't worried. It became apparent very quickly that my principal was a mover and a shaker. By that I mean, she talks fast, has lots of ideas, and even more questions. At times it can be intimidating but more so I find it inspiring. She is someone I look up to and admire. Her ability to see the big picture and pick out details I hadn't even thought of is a quality I aspire to. Whether she knows it or not, she has pushed me. I find myself wanting to impress her and challenging myself to think even more outside the box than usual. I'm grateful for her openness and willingness to talk things through with me. I feel that I can reach out to her at anytime. I have had the opportunity to work with many great principals. I have followed principals from school to school and taught grade levels I never thought I would teach, just to be under their direction. And the trend continues...I would follow her too (not that anyone is going anywhere mind you!)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

SOL - Day 28 - Anniversary

Today is my anniversary. I'm looking forward to a day where I can focus on my husband and family. I have put them on the backburner these past couple of weeks with work projects and I miss them! I see them everyday but I haven't been really seeing them if you know what I mean. My husband was my very first "boyfriend" back in 6th grade! I still have the note where he asked me "to go with him". I also have the note where he broke up with me! We had a lot of life experiences before we were reunited some 15 years later but here we are! As he likes to say...he was my first boyfriend AND my last!

Friday, March 27, 2015

SOL - Day 27 - Unexpected

for the past three or so weeks, I have been tutoring a group of 5th graders each morning before school in preparation for STAAR. Honestly, when my principal asked me to..I was not excited about getting up so early and I hadn't worked with the 5th graders at my school so I didn't have any relationships there. I'm not a morning person so being there that early and being "on" was a struggle at times. We talked a lot, discussed many different topics, learned some words together and even had some debates about slavery and year round school. In these few weeks I definitely became attached to these kids. I believe in them and wish them all the best. I hope our time together helped them and that they are successful in reaching their STAAR goals. I didn't expect to become so attached and I can even go as far as saying I will miss them next Monday morning. I have several new friends though. It feels good to hear them call my name and wave when they see me in the hall. So unexpected...but I'll take it!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

SOL - Day 26 - Some Like It Hot

I like it when you are hot. Not just hot, scalding. My skin turns red at the first touch. I flinch at your first touch. But I won't have it any other way. You beckon me. I think of you often and anticipate our time together. Our uninterrupted time. You are a gift and I treasure you. Thank you my bath.